Pediatric Advanced Life Support is an instructional program by the American Heart Association for healthcare providers. PALS online in Loma Linda CA makes healthcare professionals competent enough to treat cardiac emergencies in infants and children. The program simulates pediatric emergencies to prepare participants for handling real-life scenarios.

Treatment of a child is somewhat different from treatment of an adult. Luckily, you may pursue the PALS program after BLS in Loma Linda CA to take the right action at the time of pediatric emergencies. 

Features of the AHA and Heartcode PALS Online

American Heart Association organizes the PALS in Loma Linda CA in a blended learning type of delivery method. Accordingly, students get a chance to complete their course in a self-directed method combined with hands-on sessions.  



On the other hand, experts associated with PALS use electronic simulation technology to help students in treating their patients in various virtual healthcare facilities. Other key aspects are-

·        Latest education and science according to the guidelines of the AHA for ECC and CPR 

·        Application of realistic scenarios and animations to give you an improved learning experience

·        Evidence-based and advanced level of skills and resuscitation associated with the Chain of Survival in PALS, ACLS in Loma Linda CA, and other related courses

·        Improvement in course structure and scenarios to prepare candidates undergoing CPR certification in Loma Linda CA to deal with real-world situations

Contents of Certification related to PALS in Loma Linda CA

·        Application of AED to start breathing immediately

·        CPR in Loma Linda CA treatment to infants and children 

·        Simulations and discussions related to respiratory, shock, and cardiac cases

·        Tracking major changes in PALS

·        Any type of heart rhythm disturbance 

·        Emergency based cardiovascular care and resuscitation

·        Scenarios related to child and infant transport

·        Systematic approaches associated with children cardiac assessments

·        Unlike BLS Certification in Loma Linda CA, where you study respiratory issues in common people, here, you learn to manage all sorts of respiratory emergencies.



PALS Let You Learn Child CPR Vs Adult CPR

Pediatric-related CPR Classes in Loma Linda CA will train you to perform infant and child CPR. Simultaneously, you will learn to use AED effectively. CPR in the case of children is almost similar to adult CPR. However, children have fragile airways as compared to adults. Because of this, you have to give rescue breaths with caution and avoid tilting the head in a backward direction excessively.

Moreover, you have to use one or both hands while giving chest compressions and focus on both compression rate and compression depth. Accordingly, the compression depth in the case of child CPR will be only one and a half-inch. In contrast, the compression ratio to rescue breath must be 30:2 and it is the same for adults and children. 


Who Can Pursue PALS Online in Loma Linda CA

The PALS Online in Loma Linda CA program organized under HeartCode is for all healthcare professionals, who handle cardiovascular emergencies and manage cardiovascular emergencies. Heartcode program is available for all candidates looking for alternative online methods to complete their initial or updated PALS course.

Accordingly, the program is for personnel handling emergency medicine, emergency response, experts handling critical care and intensive care units, like nurses, physicians, and paramedics. Besides, the courses for all individuals who want a PALS card to get a job or meet other requirements. 


Therefore, when the life of a child or an infant is in danger, experts must know the right emergency treatment based on the PALS program organized under the AHA. With the combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience, emergency response experts deal with almost every type of critical illness to save the life of your kids. 



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